Our Mission

The mission of Independence Mission Schools is to provide a transformative Catholic education that develops students intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and that provides children of all faiths with the opportunity to learn in an academically rigorous environment and to grow in a culture of love, setting them on the path to a promising future.

As part of the Independence Mission Schools (IMS) network of 14 Catholic school, St. Veronica Catholic School is living out the IMS mission by providing a Christ-centered quality education, fostering a spirit of inquiry and intellectual growth, and preparing children to meet the challenges of the 21st Century in a healthy, safe and caring environment.

St. Veronica Catholic School, building on the cultural diversity of our student body, endeavors to develop in a Christian atmosphere both Gospel values and academic excellence in each individual student. Growing in this faith-filled environment, our students will become catalysts in creating a moral society.

We believe:

  • Christ is the reason for our school
  • Prayer is an essential part of the school day
  • Cultural diversity enriches and strengthens our school community
  • Each child is unique and has inherent worth
  • The teaching of Christian values is essential to the development of the whole child
  • All children are capable of learning
  • Self-esteem is vital to the learning process
  • Education is a shared responsibility of parents, teachers, students and the community
  • A safe environment is essential for all learning
  • Nurturing skills for creating peaceful solutions diminishes violence